To our clients, friends and their families…

I hope that everyone has made it this far healthy, happy and not overwhelmed as we all endure the changes caused by the pandemic . I am pleased that we have resumed in-person meetings at my office and in-court proceedings at the courthouse(s) are getting back to what we used to call "normal."

The Supreme Court of Texas has issued several emergency orders, which can be reviewed at the page linked here:

For my clients & visitors, with regard to the orders for possession of, and the exchanges of possession of, a child, I would direct your attention to Emergency Orders #2 & #7, each of which clarify that visitation schedules with children shall continue during this period. Please continue to allow the children to move freely, though safely, between parents. To do otherwise is to risk an enforcement being brought – as stated above, enforcements are continuing to be heard ~ regardless of new coronavirus variants being discovered.

We continue to have an alternative to in-court proceedings in some cases. For most proceedings, technological means, such as Zoom and other teleconference systems, allow parties, lawyers and the Courts to communicate with one another, openly or in private conference modes, in discussions and sometimes in actual mediations, hearings and/or trials. My office has embraced the use of the Zoom platform and I welcome you to request your initial consultation by teleconference if you prefer that to the in-person meeting.

Should you have any questions regarding the above information, or any Family Law or Probate/Estate Law situation with which you are attempting to deal with during this trying time or with which you are requesting our assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out and we’ll do our best to help you.

John Powell, III