Divorcing an Abusive Partner

Divorcing a partner who is physically or verbally abusive can be difficult and costly. Find out what you need to do to stay safe.

Going through a divorce is challenging enough. Add physical or emotional abuse to the mix and you are looking at a dangerous situation. Domestic violence is a serious situation in a marriage. It can be hard to leave such an environment. You may be scared of your partner’s reaction to you leaving, especially if you have been physically abused in the past. This is why a successful divorce in this situation requires thorough planning, a ton of courage, and excellent legal representation.

Divorce can be Costly

Divorcing an abusive partner can be much more expensive than a regular divorce for several reasons. Mediation is almost always out of the question because the abusive partner is unwilling to negotiate. They want everything, and they do not think the other spouse should get anything. They will do what they can to stir up more drama and negativity.

This means that divorces involving abusive partners end up in the courtroom. An abusive partner has no problem taking the other spouse to court multiple times to make them “pay” for wanting to leave the marriage. Such a divorce can cost tens of thousands of dollars and take years to resolve. Many women end up with no money and become homeless. In fact, 50% of homeless women cite domestic violence as the reason For their situation.

How to Protect Yourself

If your spouse is emotionally or physically abusive, start taking steps now to protect yourself. Good planning can help.

Get Help with Your Divorce by Contacting a Texas Divorce Attorney

It can be challenging and costly to divorce an abusive spouse, but you should not feel trapped in your marriage. The safety of yourself and your children should be your top priority.

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