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Don't Discuss Your Divorce on Social Media

Getting Divorced in Texas? Stay Off of Social Media Until Your Case is Resolved

In the modern world, social media has become an almost ubiquitous part of many people’s lives. According to the most recent data from the Pew Research Council , more than 68 percent of Americans report that they use social media on a regular basis.

If you are an active social media user who is now in the process of getting divorced in Texas , you should be very careful about what you post online. Social media posts could have a significant impact on your divorce case. To be safe, it is recommended that you limit or refrain from posting on social media until your divorce case is resolved. You should never discuss your divorce on social media.

Three Things You Should Know About Social Media and Divorce

  1. Social Media Posts Can Be Admissible Evidence

On this issue, Texas family law courts are clear: social media posts can be admitted as evidence. It is important to understand what this means: anything you post on social media could potentially be used against you in your divorce case. For this reason, you must be extremely careful regarding what you post on social media.

Certainly, if you write anything disparaging or offensive about your former partner, or if you engage in any type of harassment, that could cause you major problems in your divorce case. In addition, posts that you may feel are completely unrelated could be taken out of context and used against you. Any post regarding your finances, your kids, or your new relationships could potentially be relevant to your divorce proceedings. There have been cases in Texas in which social media posts have affected a wide range of different family law issues, including child custody disputes and the division of assets .

  1. Your Former Partner May Still Be Able to Access a ‘Private’ Account

When going through a divorce, one idea that people come up with is to simply set all of their social media accounts to ‘private’. This is a good general life advice. Many people could benefit from enhanced privacy settings on their accounts. However, setting your account to private does not mean that you can post freely about your divorce. You likely share many friends, family members, and acquaintances with your spouse. What you post ‘privately’ could still end up in the courtroom.

  1. Protect Yourself: Refrain From Posting on Social Media Until Your Divorce is Finalized

With social media, it is always better to play it safe. The last thing you want to deal with is your social media posts coming back to haunt you in your Texas divorce case. The answer to this problem is simple: Refrain from posting on social media until your divorce is finalized.

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