Family Law Services Backed By Experience

Family law matters can be complex and contentious enough. Your attorney should be a force of reason who minimizes the stress and conflict while finding efficient solutions.

At The Powell Law Firm, our lawyers have more than 20 years of experience and a commitment to helping clients resolve their family law disputes as amicably and quickly as possible. Serving clients in Pearland, Houston and the surrounding area in Texas, we provide representation in all family law matters, including:

Divorce: Our experience means we are well-positioned to handle every case, from simple, uncontested divorces to the most complex, high-asset divorces. Our commitment is to looking out for your interests through every phase of the process.

Property division: The law calls for a division of property that is equitable, but not necessarily equal. Our attorneys are dedicated to protecting your assets.

Spousal maintenance: Also referred to as alimony, spousal maintenance is a common component of divorces, particularly those involving long-term marriages.

Conservatorship: More commonly known as child custody, conservatorship addresses the roles that parents will play in their children's lives following divorce. We also help unmarried parents with conservatorship issues related to paternity actions.

Modifications: Our law firm can assist with changes to conservatorship arrangements, child support payments, alimony payments and more.

Domestic violence: Victims of domestic violence can turn to us for immediate assistance in obtaining protective orders and other forms of relief.

Paternity actions: When unwed parents seek to legalize their rights and obligations to their children, it is necessary to establish paternity. We can help.

Adoption: Our lawyers provide guidance in adoptions of all kinds, including stepparent adoptions and termination of parental rights.

Do Not Take A Scorched Earth Approach

While many law firms take a "scorched earth" approach, focusing on perpetuating the contentious battles that can arise in divorce, our lawyers take a "marital surgery" approach. We keep the value of the assets in mind during a divorce to make sure we aren't wasting our client's money for minimal increase. We resolve conflicts through family law mediation whenever possible and we always work toward the most efficient, amicable resolution method available.

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