John S. Powell

John S. Powell

Pearland, Texas

Born: December 30, 1938.
Completed High School 1957, Colorado Springs, Colo.

Military Service 1959 -1962   (101st Airborne Division) 
Judge Advocate General Corp

BA. Degree, University of Corpus Christi, 1965
Completed Law School at University of Houston 1968
Winner freshman moot court; finalist 2"d and 3' years.

Licensed to practice law in Texas 1968.
Licensed to practice in Federal Court in 1975.
Who's Who among Texas lawyers (2x).
State Bar No. 16203000

Member of Brazoria County Bar Association for many years. Private Pilot since 1980s.

As Plaintiff's attorney successfully prosecuted cases against the following, among others:

The United States Government
The United States Veterans' Administration
U.S. Home Corporation
Velsicol Chemical Company
Mobil Oil Company
Multiple insurance companies, including Lloyd's of London Underwriters
Various Doctors, Hospitals, and Nursing Homes
Various cities and counties
Various small businesses

As Defendant's attorney successfully defended cases brought by the following, among others:

The Federal Aviation Administration
Various small businesses
Clients against their attorneys

Have served as consultant in many attorney/client conflicts.

48 years experience in handling personal injury, family law, and criminal cases.

Interests: avid golfer; enjoy flying single engine aircraft; affiliated with groups assisting children's homes and various poverty projects in Mexico along the U.S. Border.